[Home] setup for overo oe build system

The short version of the official doc.

Rumor has it that builds work best on the latest version of ubuntu (10.04 right now). The maintainer upgrades regularly and some native packages mismatch on older Ubuntu versions.

WARNING: You must not have symbolic links anywhere above or below the overo-oe directory.

If your /home is mounted on another drive such as /mnt/local/home you must create your overo-oe outside of your home directory.



set -e 

mkdir -p ${OVERO_OE}

cd ${OVERO_OE}
git clone git://gitorious.org/gumstix-oe/mainline.git org.openembedded.dev
cd org.openembedded.dev
git checkout --track -b overo origin/overo

cd ${OVERO_OE}
git clone git://git.openembedded.net/bitbake bitbake
cd bitbake
git checkout 1.8.18

cd ${OVERO_OE}
cp -r org.openembedded.dev/contrib/gumstix/build .

cp ~/.bashrc ~/bashrc.bak.pre-oe
cat ${OVERO_OE}/build/profile >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc
vim ~/.bashrc # replace ~/overo-oe with your path

sudo rm /bin/sh
sudo ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh
sudo apt-get install help2man diffstat texi2html texinfo cvs gawk chrpath
sudo apt-get install python-psyco

bitbake omap3-console-image
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