[Home] CanoScan LiDE 30 on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard - as easy as Linux (almost)!

On OS X 10.6 twain-sane doesn't install properly via macports so you have to download and go through several next-next-finish clicks (painful, I know)
  1. Install libusb.pkg
  2. Install twain-sane interface.pkg
  3. Install sane-backends.pkg
  4. Reboot (I did, maybe it isn't necessary)
  5. Open Image Capture
    open /Applications/Image\ Capture.app
  6. Click SANE
  7. Rock and Roll (and scan)

On OS X 10.5 it is as easy as Linux:
sudo port install twain-sane sane-backends

In fact, just about any scanner that works in Linux will work in OS X with this method. No more running PhotoShop in Rosetta mode (I've never done it, but that's what I've read others have had to do).
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