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No, really, XML is retarded.


This way is better because... ???

That said, I don't think that every single program should have it's own psuedo-YAML config syntax. I like YAML, but would prefer that we all standardized on JSON.

key => "string"
value => "string" | {} | []
dict | map | hash => {}
array | collection => []

This is what I don't like about XML:

It's ambiguous.
Which of the following is most "correct"?

<value>Some value</value<
<keyname>Some value</keyname>
<keyname><value>Some value</value></keyname>
<keyname value="Some value"></keyname>
<keyname value="Some value"></keyname>

It encourages error.
It's just more likely that you'll get it wrong in a way that's not apparent at-a-glance.
<keyname>Some value<keyname><

It's ugly. Just look at it. It looks complicated.

It's verbose. Why do you repeat the names of every single key thing

Consider a JSON representation:
{ "key_name" : "Some value" }

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